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Isuzu Celebrates 40 years in SA
July 25, 2018 By Isuzu

For four decades, Isuzu has been traversing through the most challenging terrains and now the renowned bakkie automaker celebrates its 40-year legacy of production on local shores. In 1978, 40 years ago, the first bakkie to bear the iconic Isuzu badge was built at the Kempton Road Plant situated in Port Elizabeth. The first bakkie […]

Isuzu’s latest masterpiece is the mu-X. Boasting a cutting-edge design, a powerful drivetrain, unmatched SUV capability and enough space for the entire family, you’ll never have to choose between rugged performance and refined comfort. In terms of styling, the mu-X is characterized by KB-Series design cues – most notably in the front end and light […]

Long Distance In Your Isuzu
April 25, 2018 By Isuzu

Whether you’re travelling in the KB-Series or the X-Rider, every Isuzu Bakkie is designed to go the distance, and provide you with the highest levels of protection. With long distance driving, it’s always imperative that you plan your trip prior to embarking on your journey. Below, we’ve listed a few tips on how to stay […]

Isuzu: The Truth About Tyres
March 27, 2018 By Isuzu

You can have the best driving skills, the most tuned-up bakkie in the world, but if you don’t have the correct tyres, it’s all for nothing. This is because those four rubber components attached to your wheels connect your car to the ground – to provide traction and enhance your vehicles grip and handling. For […]

The New Isuzu X-Rider Means Business
January 22, 2018 By Isuzu

The new X-Rider was initially designed for limited production, however, following a great reception and a high demand for the product, Isuzu decided to make it a permanent addition to the KB range. With the KB series being the only passenger vehicle that is available in single, double and extended cab, the new X-Rider will […]


A bold and rugged design defines the distinctive looks of the 2017 Isuzu KB 300 LX 4×4 Extended Cab. Launched earlier this year, it comes with a wide series of cosmetic updates and performs better than ever before. With rounder lines, a redesigned front end and sweeping headlights, the KB 300 LX 4×4 is a […]

Isuzu: Windscreen Education 101
September 29, 2017 By Isuzu

At Bidvest McCarthy Isuzu, we understand the paramount importance of a vehicle’s windscreen. Designed to function as more than just means of protection and a shield between the driver and other road users. The windscreen is more functional than just a window. Apart from protecting the driver from debris like stones, windscreens also serve as […]

Choose Bidvest McCarthy Isuzu
August 22, 2017 By Isuzu

As one of the world’s leading 4×4 and 4×2 bakkie manufacturers, Bidvest McCarthy Isuzu is committed to delivering the best of the best. When you buy a bakkie from Bidvest McCarthy Isuzu, we ensure that you will receive world-class service, quality bakkies and an overall pleasant experience. If you ever wondered why Isuzu bakkies are […]

4×4 Driving With Isuzu
July 26, 2017 By Isuzu

If you’re a proud owner of a 4×4 Isuzu Bakkie, like the Isuzu KB 250 D-TEQ LE 4×4, you probably engage in 4-Wheel-Drive from time to time to test the full potential of your bakkie’s power. 4-Wheel-Drive also known as 4×4 refers to a type of vehicle with a drivetrain that is capable of providing […]

If you’re a proud owner of a 4×4 Isuzu Bakkie, like the Isuzu KB 250 D-TEQ LE 4×4, you probably engage in 4-Wheel-drive from time to time to test the full potential of your bakkie’s power. 4-Wheel drive (4WD) comes with its pros and cons but many pros, especially safety. With that being said, it […]

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